• "Thank you for your great app, I do like it very much. I have an idea for a supplement: Is it possible to make an option for free sliding the Icons on the side? This would be very great :-) Thank you very much for thinking about my proposal, greetings Barbara"
  • "muy Bueno me gusta mucho. te facilita todo"
  • "Works great for me, almost exactly what I want. I'm extremely happy with the ability to use .jpg's to represent my bookmarks, as I use big large clicky boxes for my 12 most visited sites on my 27" LCD. It's great."
  • "I haven't had any issues with it to rate it lower than 5!"
  • "NO JOKE This extension helps me so much its not even funny. the way i can use url from images to make the page boxes look so sharp. I go to google images and search whatever website with the word logo at the end. then when i see the logo i like i right click it and copy url images and in the page block i right click edit insert and bamm perfect...
  • "I've been looking for an extension that emulates the Safari new tab page for months without any luck. I stumbled upon this and couldn't be happier. It's just a very intuitive, polished product that does everything I want and more. Don't know how I lived without it."
  • "I like speed dial because it is very customizable. No matter what odd size screen resolution you have, speed dial can be set to look good. One suggestion, auto-set the speed dials for first time users to make it easier to get started."
  • "I wanted to tell you that i am In complete Love with this Extension. Bay Far one that will never ever Be disabled or Uninstalled. It makes My Chrome Tab Into such A useful page now. The more and more i get it situated and organized the way i like. I continue to praise you for this. One of the greatest Extensions Yet that only contributes to Google's Greatness. I would not change anything about it!!! Again Thanks for improving my day!"
  • "Easy to setup, run and quite enjoyable to use. Kudos to the developers! :D"
  • "Not Bad at all. Keeps all your important links in one place. :)"
  • "I love this so much! I only have my top 12 websites marked and it allows me to organize them so well! I have my google websites on the top row, my tv websites on the second row and my computer geek websites on the third. Then I can choose my own custom logo for each website by copying and pasting the location of the image I want. It works perfectly and looks beautiful!"
  • "Супер виджет, намного больше возможностей, чем в стандартных параметрах браузера
    (Great widget, a lot more features than the standard browser options)"